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USB Drive Data Theft Blocker

No Image USB drive data theft blocker software has features to disable or enable portable storage devices that facilitate users to control USB port supported devices. Windows network anti data theft utility prevents your precious files from unofficial data leakage. USB drive controller tool can record or store file operation such as cut, copy, paste etc into the log file and saved them at user specified location in text or html format.

Block USB Access USB data theft protection tool track insertion and removal activity of USB media
Block USB Access

USB drive data theft protection software provides real time and offline LAN based activity monitoring to track and monitor insertion, extraction activity of USB drive mass storage on client system configured on Windows network. Easy to use and flexible computer data security service provider software runs invisibly to track USB theft on client machine and even record when network cable is unplugged or disconnected from client machine.

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USB Drive Disabler Tool USB drive blocker utility monitor multiple USB devices in windows network domain
USB Drive Disabler Tool

data theft tool provides user interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface) with full install and uninstall features and works with all windows operating system including VISTA edition. Features: * USB drive disabler tool provides facility to enable or disable pen drive access permission on any client machine within the network. * USB data theft protection utility tracks plug in and plug out activity of USB storage device in real time on client’s

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Lock USB Windows Network USB port disabler software blocks unauthorized access in LAN
Lock USB

theft USB data protection software efficiently monitors all the connected client machines of local area network remotely from server machine. USB theft data security tool alerts administrator every time with a beep sound when any USB mass storage device is being inserted or ejected from USB ports of client machines in network. Confidential data protection software blocks the transferring of important data into any of the USB mass storage device remotely

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Protect Your USB Port USB blocker tool offers security from unauthorized removable device usage
Protect Your USB Port

USB data theft prevention software is produced to watch the insertion and removal activities of any pen drives either for standalone system or linked in network. Pen drive disabler tool tracks real time online and offline activities of USB storage device and prevent LAN from unintended use of removable media. Pen drive lock out tool performs its complete operation in stealth mode, so it remains unseen during its entire operation.

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Endpoint Protector Basic Manage and control the use of portable devices with Endpoint Protector Basic
Endpoint Protector Basic

To protect your PC, we recommend to use Endpoint Protector Basic to monitor and control ports and interfaces such as USB, FireWire, card reader, CD / DVD, etc on your PC. This will protect them against unwanted use of portable storage devices like USB sticks, SD cards or portable hard drives to prevent data theft or data leaks.

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USB Drive Disabling Software USB drive monitoring tool prevents unauthorized access of USB device over LAN
USB Drive Disabling Software

data leakage protection software alerts by beep sound when pen or thumb drive is connected to any LAN machine in your network. USB data theft protection allows you intercept records, analyze and display all insertion and removable activities performing with USB device connected to your PC application. Data theft protection tool successfully captures, analyzes and records all data transfers (cut/copy/paste) between USB devices and Network client machine

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